Advanced Real Estate Digital Marketing Course - 2024

Start your journey to become an AI-Powered Real Estate Marketing Strategist. Discover how AI revolutionizes every step, from crafting ad copies to designing banners and video ads and building precisely targeted audiences using  cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, Synthesia, and AI Chatbots. We provide real examples and simple instructions, ensuring you master essential skills for real estate success, starting from the basics.

Unlock the Secret of Real Estate Success

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Course Information

Course Curriculum

What Exactly You will Learn

  1. Course Introduction, Outcomes and Learnings (10:29)
  2. Important Files (01:18)
  3. Watch this before starting real estate marketing campaigns (01:18)
  1. Understanding the Digital Marketing Eco-System 
  2. Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing 
  3. Zameen.com VS (running your own) Digital Marketing Campaigns 
  4. How AI is Empowering Digital Marketing for Real Estate
  1. Understanding the Auction System, Ad Quality, Ad’s Total Value, Bidding
  2. Science of Facebook and Google Algorithms
  3. Ad Quality Rankings
  1. Intro (watch 2 times)
  2. ChatGPT alternatives (Bing Chat & Bard etc)
  3. Starting with ChatGPT
  4. ChatGPT plugins
  5. Basic Prompt Engineering
  6. Advanced Prompt Engineering
  7. Master Prompts
  8. Real Estate Prompts
  9. Funnel Prompt (My Favorite)
  10. GPT – Ad Enhancer (Awesome Secret)
  11. App2Ad (Best Strategy to Get Unique Ad Scripts)
  12. ChatGPT x Canva
  13. How to use ChatGPT-4 in cheap price (playground)
  14. Falcon 180b LLM (a less known competitor to ChatGPT)
  15. Google Bard Extensions (Awesome Update)
  16. ChatGPT context Limit and Memory (very important for marketers to understand)
  17. How to use ChatGPT 4 / LLama 2 / Claude for FREE (Magai)
  1. Ad Creative Guide
  2. Creating Real Estate Ad Images using MidJourney 
  3. MidJourney Intro 
  4. Creating account of midjourney and Discord
  5. How to prompt in MidJourney
  6. Experimenting with Parameters 
  7. How to make a image ad with MidJourney
  8. Creating Video Ads with A.I using Synthesia 
  9. Creating image Ads using Canva
  10. Creating Video Ads using Canva
  11. Creative Video & Image Ads for Real Estate Marketing Agency
  12. Highly Converting Ad Copies, CTAs & Headings using Chat GPT
  1. Website Creation using WordPress Elementor 
  2. Domain & Hosting
  3. WordPress Installation & Basic Settings
  4. Creating Required Web Pages
  5. Creating Converting Landing/Sales Pages 
  6. Website Content Creation using ChatGPT
  1. How to create, train and deploy Ai Chatbots in Your Website
  1. Creating Social Media Business Accounts (Complete Setup)
  2. Business Page Creation and Basic Settings
  3. Business Page Major Settings Part 1
  4. Business Page Major Settings Part 2
  5. Customer Management within Meta Business Suite
  6. Overview of Meta Business Suite 
  7. Content Management 
  8. Content Planning 
  9. Creating Instant Forms 
  10. Understanding and Connecting CRM Software 
  11. Messenger and Instagram Automations
  1. Creating Messenger and Instagram ChatBots with ManyChat Flows 
  2. Live Chat using ManyChat
  1. Understanding Ads Manager Interface and Use case of Available Tools 
  2. Automated Rules 
  3. Scaling Campaigns with Automated Rules with Live Results 
  4. Ad Buying Types: Reservation VS Auction:
  5. Understanding Campaign Objectives: #1 Awareness 
  6. Understanding Campaign Objectives: #2 Traffic 
  7. Understanding Campaign Objectives: #3 Engagements 
  8. Understanding Campaign Objectives: #4 Leads 
  9. Understanding Campaign Objectives: #5 App Promotions 
  10. Understanding Campaign Objectives: #6 Sales 
  11. 3 Stages of Ad Campaign 
  12. A/B Testing 
  13. Choosing a Right Campaign Objective 
  14. Advantage campaign budget 
  15. Placements Guide 
  16. Attributions  
  1. Introduction to Meta Events and Their Importance 
  2. Advertiser Side Optimization Part 1 
  3. Advertiser Side Optimization Part 2 
  4. Standard and Custom Events 
  5. Importance of Offline Events 
  6. Importance of Custom Conversions 
  7. Creating Custom Conversions Part 1 
  8. Creating Custom Conversions Part 2  
  1. Understanding Business Manager and Its Importance 
  2. Business Manager Account Creation 
  3. Adding People, Partners and System Users into Business Manager 
  4. Adding Pages, Ad Accounts, Apps, Instagram, Commerce and WhatsApp Accounts 
  5. Creating Business Asset Groups 
  6. Adding Catalogs, Pixels, Offline Event Sets, and Custom Conversions 
  7. Managing Business Creative Folders 
  8. Managing Apps and Leads Access 
  9. Managing Billing and Payments into Business Manager 
  10. Adding Business Information and Security Layers
  1. Custom Audiences 
  2. Lookalike Audience 
  3. Concept of Advantage+ Audience 
  4. STRATEGY: Identifying Profitable Adset with Advantage+ Audience 
  5. Interest Based Audiences 
  6. Audience Size vs Campaign Budget
  1. Targeting ZAMEEN.COM’s Audience (only Buyers & Sellers) using Meta Ads Manager
  2. Targeting through Interest Combination Formula (Proven Strategy)
  1. Learn Lead Generation Ecosystem 
  2. Understanding what is a Lead? 
  3. What are different types of Leads? (B2B & B2C) 
  4. When to Use Lead Objective 
  5. How to Generate Leads Digitally? All Lead Generation Sources. 
  6. Lead Generation through: Instant Forms, Automated Sales Funnels, Manual Sales Funnels. 
  7. Lead Quality VS Process of Sales
  1. Facebook Lead Generation System Explained 
  2. Maximizing the Number of Leads through Instant Forms (More Volume, High Intent)
  3. Maximizing the Number of Conversion Leads through Instant Forms
  4. How to Generate Quality Leads from “Facebook Messenger“ 
  5. How to Get Quality “Call Leads” from Facebook Ads 
  6. How to Improve Facebook Lead Quality (Strategy 2.0) & Getting Leads in Lowest Price
  7. Maximizing the Number of Website Leads 
  8. Generate Leads after Starting a Chat in Messenger 
  9. Generate Leads with Messenger and Instant Forms Combined 
  10. Generate Leads after Starting a Chat in Instagram 
  11. Generate Leads by Asking People to Call your Business 
  12. Generate Leads Through App
  1. How Leads can be Generated by different Google Sources 
  2. Lead Generation for Real Estate Business from Google Ads 
  3. Real Estate Lead Generation through Manual Sales Funnels (My Favorite) 
  4. Lead Leakages During Funnels 
  5. Manual Funnel Testing 
  6. How to Create Highly Engaging Lead Magnets for Lead Generation 
  7. How to Improve Google Lead Quality & getting Leads in Lowest Price 
  8. How to Generate Organic (Free) Leads from Google (GMB)
  1. What are Data Driven Lead Qualification Process 
  2. How to use Facebook Leads Center (as a CRM) 
  3. Sending Facebook Ads Leads to Google Sheet (Automation) 
  4. How to Transfer Leads from Facebook Ads to Hubspot 
  5. How to Send Leads from Facebook Ads to MailChimp 
  6. How to Send Google Ads Leads to Google Sheet Automatically 
  7. How to Send Leads to Google Sheet from Landing Page (Elementor Page Builder) 
  8. Lead Lifecycle Automation 
  9. Understand the Difference between 1st Party / 2nd Party & 3rd Party Data
  1. Available Options for Freelancing 
  2. Basics of Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency 
  3. Starting Your Own Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency from Home
  4. Strategy Blueprint for Getting Real Estate Digital Marketing Clients 
  5. Team Building and Scaling
  1. Ad Account Suspension Issues 
  2. Creative Limited and Fatigue 
  3. Billing Issues 
  4. Events tracking Issues 
  5. Ad Rejections 
  6. Ads are Active but isn’t Spending Budget


Enroll Before 20th March and Get  Access to All (06) Courses Free in one time fee of PKR 6500


Real Estate Website Creation

Master website creation basics to advanced, crafting high-converting landing pages for real estate success.


Chat GPT Training (2024)

Complete ChatGPT training: from mastering prompt engineering for real estate to writing engaging ad copies and website content.


Facebook Marketing (2024)

Unlock the latest Facebook marketing strategies tailored for real estate success in 2024.


Real Estate Lead Generation

Discover proven tactics for generating high-quality real estate leads and maximizing conversions.


Freelancing (2024)

Explore freelancing options, build a real estate digital marketing agency, and master client acquisition and team scaling.


Google Ads for Real Estate

Unlock the power of Google Ads for real estate lead generation: targeted campaigns for maximum conversions.


Real Estate Competitive Analysis Session

Spying for Best Performing Real Estate Ads (Local & International)

Watch at 1.5x Speed for Better Experience

No Questions Asked 1 Day Refund Policy

What you can achieve after completing this course?

Core Benefits

Digital Marketing Agency

You will be able to start your own Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency with an investment of PKR 100K only.

Profitable Campaigns

You will be able to run profitable Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaigns with the help of REDM ADS Strategy.

Overseas Clients

You will be able to target and close Overseas Clients for your Real Estate Business or your clients.

6-Figure Income

You will be able to earn 6-figure income with an investment of minimum investment.

Master of AI Tools

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Lead Generation Expert

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You will get a certificate of completion after assessment of your skills

No Questions Asked 1 Day Refund Policy

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Core Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get access to all (06) courses as a bundle offer which includes

1. Real Estate Website Creation

2. Chat GPT Training (2024)

3. Facebook Marketing (2024)

4. Real Estate Lead Generation

5. Freelancing (2024)

6. Google Ads for Real Estate

Upon completing the course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully start and run your own real estate marketing business.

Investment details are as follows. 

Expected Investment: 100K

Expected Returns: 75,000 – 150,000 PKR a month
Risk Profile: Low to Moderate

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Yes, this is an online recorded training program. You will receive course videos and material through our Learning Management System (LMS).

We regularly monitor and update our content based on current market working conditions

Your all questions will be answered via email support at no extra cost

1-1 mentorship will also be available for those who are willing to start a business with the hand-holding support of Hamza Ali for an extra cost of PKR 20,000.

Within 1 hour to 12 hours depending on the payment confirmation from the bank. We will provide access as soon as we confirm the payment.

Yes, you will get a certificate upon course completion. 

Yes PKR 6500 is the one-time payment.

We offer a 1-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. This means that if you are not satisfied with the course for any reason, you can apply for a refund by contacting support within 24 hours of gaining course access, and we will refund your amount without asking any further questions.

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