To simplify the search for customers, save the time of online retailers and grow their business in this decade, we never miss out on trends at Converrsion. Listed below are the ones we have currently adopted while providing Web Development Services in Lahore to clients.


Currently, we are experiencing the start of the voice search era. Almost every mobile phone is equipped with a voice assistant like Siri and Alexa. Moreover, smart speakers powered with Artificial Intelligence are also getting popular.

Therefore, with voice search becoming a big trend in the E-Commerce world, we leverage it when developing online web stores for clients. Other than that, we also apply it across the web – to optimize the web applications of our clients for voice search.


Artificial Intelligence along with Machine Learning has affected the daily activities on the internet without even anyone noticing. This is one of the main objectives behind the invention of Machine Learning – providing better experiences natively. Basically, software powered with Machine Learning can improve performance, detect patterns and make better decisions.

Considering that Machine Learning has become a significant part of every web service, as the Best Web Development Company in Lahore, we integrate it with every client website. Without the website visitors getting to find out if an algorithm is used, Machine Learning increases engagement rates and conversions by double.


The more a website processes data, the more it looks attractive to cybercriminals. On top of it, if the website is not secure, they instantly spoil the services and steal the customer information. Thus, causing great harm to the business’s reputation and cost too. To keep the data of client websites safe, at Converrsion, we follow these best practices:

Never neglecting security testing – which we conduct during the development stage and prevent the leakage of data.
Using monitoring tools – to detect and prevent suspicious activities by notifying the team in time.
Careful selection of third-party services – for ensuring that the software we choose to work with for the development is trustworthy.
Encrypting Sensitive Data – even if a cybercriminal gets to the database of our client’s website, the encryption does not let them extract the sensitive information stored.
No matter what type of website our client plans to launch, security always remains our priority. Our development team always has an eye on the most effective approaches and ensures that the security measures are in place to keep data safe.


Google algorithm now prioritizes web applications that load instantly on mobile devices. Therefore, as the Best Web Development Company in Lahore, we implement Progressive Web Applications for clients. They are technologies that reduce the loading time of web pages by replicating to a native mobile experience. Technically, a Progressive Web Application supports online interactions by allowing the customers to enjoy a high-end online shopping experience and improve search rankings.


In this year and beyond, motion design is the website development trend that will stay because minimalistic and attractive designs draw the attention of website visitors. Think of the transitions on page headers, the hovers, animated tables, and modular scrolling – sounds like a seamless and engaging website, right?

By using these and multiple other elements that improve conversions, we rank client websites higher in search results. Moreover, for increasing the engagement rate and to provide a better User Experience, we use the following techniques:


Since web development trends change fast, it can be hard to keep up with them. But why not professionals at Converrsion do that for you? We have the most affordable Website Development Prices in Lahore, Pakistan. By adopting the latest trends for our clients while developing websites, we provide their audience a world-class experience. Thus, increasing their chances of beating the competition and increasing sales.

Generally speaking, each of these website development trends is worth investment because they will continue for decades to come. Hence, without procrastinating any further, get in touch with us TODAY to tap into them as soon as possible.